Is Drinking Coffee with Milk Healthy or Unhealthy?

Milk is well known among coffee baristas and coffee lovers because it adds flavor and taste to a cup of coffee. It’s capable of creating perfectly stable foams and makes the coffee appear quite attractive. But is it healthy or unhealthy for you to drink coffee with milk? To clearly understand the impact of milk in your coffee, you need to know what contents are found in coffee with milk.

What are The Contents Found in Coffee with Milk?

  1. The Calorie Content

A standard sized cup of coffee provides you with two calories. Adding milk to it increases the number of calories. Adding sugar to the mix also raises the amounts of calories. Therefore if you are keen on watching your calorie intake, you need to regulate the milk. But if not, you can enjoy your cup of coffee with milk.

  1. The Carbohydrate Content

One of the major nutrients found in milk is carbohydrates. Therefore adding milk to your coffee will give you more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are beneficial because they provide you with energy. You, therefore, won’t only enjoy the stimulating effect of coffee, but you will be energized.

  1. The Protein Content

Milk is an excellent source of protein which is great in building body muscle and tissues. A 6-ounce cup contains at least 2 grams of protein. Unless you drink too much coffee in a day, that amount of protein is insignificant.

  1. Dietary Fat Content

From the mixture of coffee with milk. The milk is responsible for producing fat. Drinking a cup of coffee and milk provides you with 2 grams of fat.

  1. The Caffeine Content

The coffee is responsible for producing the caffeine content. The milk doesn’t interfere with the amount of caffeine. An 8-oz cup of coffee with milk contains 30mg to 150mg of caffeine.

What are the Effects of Milk in Coffee?

Now that you are familiar with the content found in coffee with milk, below are how its effects. The milk does more than improve the flavor and taste of your coffee. There are both benefits and disadvantages of taking milk with coffee. Below are ways in how milk in coffee can affect you.

  1. Avoid Milk If You are On a Weight Loss Program

Despite that coffee with milk can give you the psych and energy to hit the gym frequently. It’s not ideal if you want to lose weight. In this case, black coffee is better than white coffee. It’s because coffee without milk has low calories and fat. You can, therefore, regulate your calorie and fat intake by taking black coffee. Additionally, if you want to lose weight, minimize the sugar intake in your coffee.

  1. Take Black Coffee in The Morning

Taking black coffee will energize you and keep you active all day long. You should, however, avoid taking at night so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping patterns. It also helps boost mental awareness and clarity.

  1. Take White Coffee at Night

On the other hand, drinking coffee with milk in the evening has numerous benefits such as giving you extra calories. It will also help prevent interrupting with your sleeping patterns, unlike black coffee. However, it’s advisable to completely avoid taking any type of coffee if you have trouble sleeping at night.

  1. It’s a Great Alternative for Individuals Suffering from Acidity

If you are suffering from acidity and would like to enjoy some coffee, you can add some milk. Coffee has a high PH level and therefore can increase acidic concentration. To be on the safe side, adding milk will regulate the acidity. If you suffer from acidity, other than adding milk, make sure you drink a lot of water and watery foods.

  1. Milk Protects You from Oesophageal Cancer

There has been growing concerns about the association of coffee consumption with oesophageal cancer. However, it has not been fully proven quite yet. Adding milk to your coffee minimizes the chances of it ever happening. The milk makes it safer and reduces the temperature of the coffee.

As you can see above, drinking milk with coffee has both healthy and unhealthy concerns. However, it’s advisable to use calcium-fortified and hypo-allergic almond milk. It’s a much better alternative to whole milk which has high carbs. Almond milk is responsible for improving the taste and quality of milk.