Can Coffee Cause Acne

For those that take coffee, they will assure that they love everything that it offers them, including the smell and the taste. It will always make people feel alive, awake and also creative. But when we think of acne, we all get worried and disappointed. For every person in the world, there is nobody that does not love to have an acne free skin. The increase in pollution and availability of dirt has become a major stress and a challenge. But now I have to report that our diet that we take is also behind the acne breakouts that we get. One bad thing about acne is that it can occur anytime and when it comes, it comes with lots of discomfort. Many have tried to get rid of them but has become impossible. My advice now is for you to check out your diet.

The intake of various foods may be a major cause of acne. But I was surprised when I found out that in the list of the foods and beverages, coffee is one of them. According to the research that was done by Dr. Shilpa Arora, excessive intake of coffee can always aggravate acne, but it is good to note that it is not a major cause. Acne is brought by the availability of hormonal imbalances. The major advice that is given out by Dr. Arora is for everyone to avoid eating processed sugar and also sugar in their diet. Always eat clean and also healthy veggies and veggies.

Acne breakouts can be avoided but first you need to regulate the amount of coffee that you take. Coffee has chemical properties that will entice the stress hormones that will intend to increase that of calories intake. That will trigger acne. We need to remember that stress will not primarily cause acne but when it comes, it will worsen it.

For our skin to be healthy and smart and clean, we cannot avoid taking water. If we don’t take the required amount, then dehydration will occur and that will have opened gates to a whole host of skin problems. Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali says that coffee is termed as a natural diuretic. If you take too much coffee and then supplement it with food that is not adequate, dehydration may occur. This is because of the increase of the acid levels. The bad thing here is that the more acidic you will get. The more dehydrated you become. When you take excess water, then the essential soluble minerals and vitamins in your body system will easily be flushed out. The result here is again dehydration which will further trigger acne.

When you imped the natural dehydrating process of the body, it will cause bloating. That is why it is advisable also to limit the amount of coffee intake so that you prevent the breakouts of acne that is unwanted.

Here are some of the disadvantages of drinking coffee.

  • It is paired with essential ingredients that cause acne, for instance, sugar and milk. Many people when they are taking coffee love to add milk or even sugar in the drink so that they get to enjoy that added flavor. When the milk and sugar pair up with your coffee, then you are inviting the triggering of acne right into your body. There will be more pores and clogging that will make your skin to be swollen with red patches.
  • It will make you to crave to take sugary foods. When you have sugar in your coffee, your sugar levels in your body will spike and crush. That will make your body to crave to have more sugar. Coffee in itself is made up of a chemical combination that when gets into the body will boost stress levels. Sugar is also an inflammatory food that will cause acne.
  • Coffee will boost your body’s stress response. When people drink coffee, it makes you to be awake. Why is that always the reason? Coffee contains hyperadrenalism. When hormones are generated in the body, it is a good thing because it will react to some problematic events that occur in the body. Coffee will accelerate or exaggerate how the body will response to stress. That is why your skin will be affected.

Coffee is not a good drink for your skin and is also not even good for your digestive system. If you are suffering from acne, then coffee is never going to be your option of a beverage. In fact, when you drink it, you will always accelerate it. Take other required of safe beverages like tea, or better still, water that your body needs more. So make the right choice but remember that Coffee therefore is never going to be a friend to your body at all.