Coffee Vs Black Tea- The Healthier option


Drinking coffee poses no serious health risks or confer any health benefits.

Drinking tea on the other end has many health benefits since the beverage is full of antioxidants. Drinking tea can, in fact, reduce your risk of suffering from some certain varieties of cancer since tea has polyphenol compounds capable of preventing the formation of cancer cells. Tea is both a therapeutic and medicinal beverage that soothes and rejuvenate the body. Tea is wilted and oxidized after harvesting to break down the chemicals in the leaves. There are different types of tea such as green, white and black depending on how much the leaves are oxidized. Green tea has more polyphenols compared to the other variants of tea. Black tea contains theaflavins and thearubigins, free radicals capable of preventing DNA damage in cells which causes cancer.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Black Tea

Black tea does not contain any calories which can be helpful for weight loss and decreasing obesity since it regulates blood sugar levels. Drinking black coffee reduces food cravings and enhances the rate of metabolism.


Coffee makes you lose appetite which temporarily reduces hunger. Your craving for food reappears after some time which does not help much in losing weight. Even though appetite suppression can lead to weight loss, it is an unhealthy method since it can result in muscle loss. Black tea wins over coffee in maintaining healthy body and weight.

Cardiovascular Functioning

The cardiovascular functioning of the heart ensures nutrients are supplied to all body parts and excretion of wastes. Proper functioning of the heart is vital in ensuring the above processes run effectively.

Black Tea

Low cholesterol levels are crucial in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Persons who drink black tea severally in a day have lower cholesterol levels compared to those who drink coffee. Tea contain flavonoids which help reduce the clotting of inside the blood vessels thus improving their functioning which strengthens cardiovascular activity. According to research, people who drink more than three cups of tea daily reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 21 percent.


Coffee contains high levels of caffeine capable of increasing blood pressure which can trigger a heart attack. Taking too much coffee can be harmful to people with existing heart conditions. Drinking coffee confers the benefit of anti-inflammation in the long run and is not instantaneous. Black tea has no adverse effects regardless of the amount in which it is consumed which makes it an ideal choice for all.


Diabetes inhibits the body from producing insulin and also responding to it when injected. The condition results in an abnormal breakdown of carbohydrates leading to high glucose levels in the blood. , Black Tea

Black tea is composed of a type of carbohydrates known as polysaccharides. Polysaccharides reduce the rate of sugar absorption which helps lower the risk of diabetes. Black tea’s polysaccharides have the richest glucose-inhibiting properties.


Drinking coffee may, in the long run, lower the risk of diabetes but the caffeine contained increases the level of glucose and insulin in the blood for diabetic people.

Drinking black tea poses no health risk to both non-diabetics and diabetics. Black tea is healthier compared to coffee for people who lead a sedentary life.

The Dental System

Black Tea

Black tea has Fluoride which is vital in the formation of strong teeth and bone. Black tea helps fight cavities and the decaying of teeth occasioned by the growth of bacteria due to plaque formation. Drinking black tea increases the resistance of your teeth to plaque thus oral health.


Coffee contains tannins which help its pigments get stuck between teeth causing stains. Drinking coffee requires a thorough oral hygiene to avoid yellowing of teeth.

Consumption of tea has no risk of coloring your teeth and you can take your cup of tea on the move without having to worry about brushing or flossing your teeth.

Skin Care

Black Tea

Drinking black tea helps in moisture retention and body hydration which helps maintain proper sin health. Black tea can also be used for medicinal purposes by placing frozen sachets on the eye to reduce puffiness. Hand and body lotions made from tea have been found to offer protection against skin cancer.


Coffee can also be used in ensuring skin health by reducing the effect of ultraviolet rays. Coffee can also be used to make anti-inflammatory skin ointments since it is rich in antioxidants.