Nine Steps On How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Want to know how to become a coffee guru? A perfect cup of coffee can jump start your mood and prepare you for work. Knowing how to make yourself a cup will ensure that you won’t always have to rely on your barista. Below are nine helpful steps to help you brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Step 1: Get Your Hands on the Best Coffee Beans

First and foremost you must get your hands on some fresh beans. The best coffee is one which is within days of being roasted. You can either buy from a local roaster or even roaster your own. However, if you decide from buying beans from supermarkets, make sure you choose from a well-known roasting company. Plus, check the packaging thoroughly. Air and light can interfere with the flavor of your coffee.

Step 2: Make Sure the Coffee Beans Always Fresh

Once you purchase fresh coffee beans, you should ensure that they don’t go bad on your watch. Store them in airtight containers. Ceramic and glass jars fitted with air-tight cocks. However never refrigerate your beans because it will be exposed to moisture. You should avoid buying coffee beans in bulk.

Step 3: Choose Good Coffee

Coffee is just like wine. The tastes do differ. In this case, only you can know the best type of coffee suitable for you. The taste of coffee depends on several factors such as the geographical location of origin, the type of climate amongst others. The two main brands are Arabica and Robusta. Most people, however, prefer Arabica over Robusta. It’s because Arabica is of high quality compared to Robusta. However, the Robusta strain contains a higher amount of caffeine, but the flavors are not that great.

Step 4: Grind It Yourself

Grinding is one of the factors that makes coffee lose its flavor. The grinding is very important. To enjoy the rich taste of coffee is when it’s taken just after its ground. You can either grind using burr mills such as Solis. On the other hand, there are other cheap alternatives such as electric grinders. The finer the grind, the tastier the flavor.

Step 5: Water

What type of water do you use to make your coffee? Using tap or chlorine water can ruin your cup of coffee. To ensure your coffee tastes incredible, you can make coffee from fresh bottled spring water. A better alternative is installing water filters on your tap. You might be tempted in using distilled water to make coffee but the minerals found in natural water fuse with coffee to produce a tasty flavor.

Step 6: The Filters

Similar to water, the type of filter you use contributes to either improving or decreasing the flavor of the coffee. You should, therefore, find a quality coffee filter. It must not be that expensive. You can find an affordably priced filter. Or you can even bargain for an expensive one. When looking for a filter consider these two factors. It should be dioxin-free and oxygen-bleached. If you are a longtime fan of coffee, you can then buy a gold-plated filter. It’s a good filter that will provide you with a tasty cup of coffee. If you grind the coffee too finely, some particles may pass through the filter.

Step 7: Avoid Skimping the Coffee

It’s advisable for you to use two tablespoons for a 6-ounce cup. That is the standard measure for brewing coffee. You should make sure that you use the adequate amount. You should avoid using minimal amounts of coffee and hot water so that you extract more amounts. It often leads to the brewing of bitter coffee.

Step 8: Regulate the Heat

Using water that is too hot will lead to the extraction of compounds responsible for making the coffee bitter. The ideal temperatures should range around 200 degrees F. However, you don’t have to worry about the temperature if you have a coffeemaker. Most of them use the required heat. If you finish brewing the coffee, the coffee won’t hold the flavor for long. You should avoid re-boiling the coffee because it will just make it bitter.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

Once you follow the above procedures, you will be able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. When you are done brewing, always ensure that you clean the equipment, you used to brew the coffee such as your coffeemaker.